Antionette Lee is a bright and vibrant young lady, her personality fills the room whenever she is present. Born and raised in Chicago IL , attending Carver Military Academy. Once Mrs. Lee graduated high school she soon thereafter moved to Saint Cloud MN in 2002. She made St. Cloud her home where she started her family and met her husband.

Spending the majority of her life working as a Certified nursing assistant where she encountered a back injury that caused her to be out of work. She then found painting as a positive outlet. It all started as a hobby until she began to display her artwork on social media websites; where people begin to take an interest in her artwork. Still thinking nothing of it being modest and humble appreciative of the compliments lifting her spirits she began to rehabilitate herself. Going back to work as a paraprofessional/ teachers Assistant working with special ed students in District 742 .

Antionette began to rebuild and reclaim her identity becoming a pillar in her community by attending community meetings, Hireworks Collaborative program, herARTS in action, Jugaad Leadership program and also recently graduating from Enterprise Academy through the Initiative Foundation ; where she has learned the basics of becoming an entrepreneur and started her own business. Antionette is the president and founder of No Limit painting.

Antionette has been hosting events for both the public and different organizations throughout Saint Cloud teaching others how to embrace their inner creativity while painting without limits.

She is now providing a positive outlet through painting for the entire community. Her art has been displayed throughout the community at several locations and she aspires to be the first woman of color to open her own art studio in Saint Cloud Minnesota.

Accomplishments & Community Involvement

Jugaad Leadership Program

herARTS in Action

Higher works collaborative

Initiative Foundation